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Joseph F LoPresti | Arlington Capital Management

Joe is the President and Senior Portfolio Manager of Arlington Capital Management (ACM). Arlington is a Registered Investment Advisory founded in 2000, with corporate headquarters in the Chicago Metro area. A 29-year veteran of the financial services industry,

Joe has a strong Investment Research and Portfolio Construction background. In addition, his dedication to client services is always on display, and can be seen through through the concern and dedication he feels for each and every one of his clients.

Joe is the author of “Empowered Investing: Strategies for Proactive Investors”. He also hosts a syndicated weekly radio program, “Empowered Investing”. In addition, he is the founder of “The Investor Education Institute”, an organization that teaches proactive strategy courses both in the classroom, and online. Joe studied at Millikin University.

Joseph F LoPresti , Arlington Capital Management